Saturday, 24 January 2009

Sitting Practice and our Sacred Dove

One of the core practices of Feri is the daily sitting practice, which is in essence a meditation on you. Rather than a guided pathworking or visualisation, the Feri practitioner learns to sit with hirself and pay attention to what is happening. I’ve been doing my sitting practice semi-diligently over the past three or four months and I’ve only recently realised the importance of this seemingly simple practice.

During my sitting practice, I connect to my Godself, my Ori, my Aumakua, and I observe its power to listen. Thorn points out that the Hebrew name for the Godself, Neshamah, contains the Hebrew word for ‘to listen’ – the Godself, the Sacred Dove, listens and watches with compassion. When we feel like we can’t sit any longer, our Sacred Dove looks on compassionately. It is the part of ourselves that loves unconditionally, and when we engage in sitting practice, we engage in self-love, recognising ourselves as divine.

While I’ve been doing this practice for months, I’ve begun to reach ecstatic states only in the past couple of weeks. I feel more embodied, and towards the end of the practice, which centres on focusing on my breath, I feel mana flowing into me on every breath, making me aware of all my parts.

And from that, I can reach ecstasy and union with the Gods. 


  1. Oh...incidentally this picture is going to be one of my next tattoos...

  2. How long do you generally sit for?

  3. Generally only ten minutes a day. Ideally I would sit from between 20 minutes and an hour, but to do this before work would require me to get up at about half 5, which I'm not prepared to do!! Ah well...

  4. lol yeah sometimes there just aren't enough hours in the day. I remember this guy on Thorn's radio interview who was saying that he gets up at 4.20am to do all of his meditations before work!

  5. I know! I heard that too! That is dedication...He was really into his Eastern spirituality I think, like Prana Yoga or Tai Chi or something. Each to their own I suppose!