Friday, 29 May 2009

Meeting the Guardians

In Reclaiming-Feri, there is a strong emphasis on personal relationships with the Gods and Guardians. This relationship has been the subject of several conversations I've had lately, and I realised that while I had met a couple of the Guardians in trance during our training sessions, I needed to trance and actually meet some of them for the first time.

So, on Wednesday evening I tranced to meet each of the Guardians to ask them what sort of offerings they would like. I figure that most human relationships are strengthened via gifts, so the Guardians would appreciate offerings every now and then (see my previous post on offerings and sacrifices).

I journeyed to each of the Guardians' realms and the experience blew me away. The way that I expected them to look was completely different to how they actually looked to me. And the offerings that I rationalised that they would like didn't fit either. Go figure. Now that I have this information and I have met them in their respective realms, I feel like our relationships can go that little bit deeper. I have found that I have been talking to them during the day too, which is interesting! 

If anybody wants to know what offerings the Guardians told me they wanted off me, just let me know and I will email them to you. Or, better yet, ask them what they want off you!!


  1. Off topic sorry ~ I took your advice on the Spiral Dance. Its a book I've tended to avoid because of preconcieved notions. I'm eating humble pie now. I'm about half way through and so far it seems a very good book. There seems to be a real depth to the work. I also like the fact the author has reviewed the book every ten years since to comment with benefit of hindsight and where her views have changed with time.

  2. No worries...yeah, I like that about the book too. It also gives a context in which the book was written, namely the Reclaiming community in the Bay Area of San Francisco. What I love about the book is the poetic way in which she describes elements of Witchcraft. I've copied whole sections of it verbatim into my Book of Shadows, because she expresses various topics perfectly. The historian Ronald Hutton has written a book called "Triumph of the Moon" in which he critiques Starhawk's books, so is well worth a read.

    How are you getting on with your distance training by the way?

  3. Bloody thing.... you had a virtual essay reponse from me but my iphone crapped out.

    Yes I've just started the distance course. Its really good. I'll let you know as it progresses. My main concern has been the reading list. Its been very difficult to source some of the books. I eventually found them all, but at one point I seriously considered flying to San Francisco, see friends then go bookshopping.

    You've reminded me, I read Ronald Hutton's book a couple of years back. I might go reread it again in light of reading Starhawks.

  4. Hi ;)
    I'm interested in Feri (but not as my way, but as its Gods, especially- Blue One). I have one problem with it and I ask for opinion Feri witch who knows this Tradition and its Gods better than me. You see, last time I worshipped Blue God and now I worship him as Vishnu and Krishna. I know, that "all Gods are Feri Gods", but I, as politeist, see everyone God as other Person. So, tell me: Is Blue God the same God like Krishna and Vishnu or not? Can I worship Vishnu and Blue God as one God and, for paradox, as two others persons? I mean: I like Vishnu as Vishnu and as face of Blue One, but I don't know how to reconcile this.

  5. Hi,

    Well, as you correctly point out, all Gods are considered Feri Gods. However, that does not mean that the specific pantheon of Gods that we work with can be considered to be (merely) facets of more well-known Gods.

    Traditionally, the Feri Gods are seen as discreet entities in and of themselves, although they may share similarities with other Gods. The case of the Blue God is well known. Personally, I love images of Krishna and I use them to represent Dian y Glas. However, Krishna is not Dian y Glas, and Dian y Glas is not Krishna.

    My recommendation would be for you to go and meet the Blue God and Krishna in trance and ask them directly what sort of relationship they want with you.

    Good luck!

  6. Melek Taus: Skanda
    Dian Y Glas: Shiva
    Star Goddess: Mahamaya