Saturday, 24 October 2009

So many Gods, so little time...

In Feri Tradition, God Herself is seen as the Mother of all beings. She is the fabric of life, matter and energy, consciousness and desire. I have my most intimate spiritual relationship with the Star Goddess and although I don’t think She is actually a big woman in the sky, I see Her as a Goddess in order to have a relationship with Her. It is my view that as long as I have a good, strong relationship with the Star Goddess then all other spiritual relationships are secondary.

However, I love the specifics of the Star Goddess, the manifestations of Her that are more specialised. I love the mythology of the different Gods and Goddesses, who I see as fractals of the Star Goddess. So, while they are manifestations of the Star Goddess, they are independent beings (not just ‘facets’ of Her) and therefore I can have relationships with them as well.

My Feri relationships at the moment are mainly with the Blue God and Melek Taus. However, I love having a relationship with Ganesh (even though I think I’m quite neglectful…) and I am exploring SanterĂ­a to see how I can have relationships with Elegua and my crowning Orisha, if I ever find out who it is.

This huge mish-mash of different Gods and Spirits can be quite confusing, and while there is no cohesion in it, I don’t see anything wrong with it. My relationships with my family are different to my relationships with friends, coworkers, pupils etc. Although my foundational practices are all done within the container of the Feri Tradition, I see nothing wrong with working with different Gods and the Orishas. However, I just hope I don’t culturally appropriate them more than they have been appropriated already…


  1. Hi Leaf! Wow I'm on your blog list, how cool. Thank you.

    Hey do you know Maythen? (Name s/he used to comment on my blog). I want to contact her/him about something she asked about but there's no email contact on her profile page.

    Great post, btw. Did you know there are over a million gods in Hinduism? Blows my mind!!

  2. Hi Reya, I am Leaf and Maythen. Maythen was my magical name for a long time and I've only recently been using Leaf as a pseudonym. Feel free to post a reply on here...I don't think many people read this anyway and I'm sure those who do would love to read it.