Monday, 16 February 2009


I have started studying the Qabala and the Western Mystery Tradition in order to understand how modern occultism has evolved, and one of the most important rituals is the Lesser Banishing Ritual of the Pentagram (LBRP). While I have no problem using Hebrew names and invocations to Yahweh, I thought I could configure a Feri-centred version, in order to bridge the connection between my foundational practices of Feri and my exploration and research of Qabala.

During the evocation section, you can use either the names of the Guardians, or the associated archangels. These archangels are not canon, and indeed I couldn't find any two authorities that agreed on the major seven archangels, so I chose the seven that most corresponded to the Guardians. 

1. Opening rite

With your dominant hand, draw down energy to your heart chakra from the Universe above you and say: “In the name of the transcendent Star Goddess, Isis Unveiled”

Draw energy up to your heart chakra from the Earth below you and say: “In the name of the immanent Star Goddess, Isis Veiled”

Stretch out your left arm and visualise the left side of the lemniscate flowing out from the heart then back again, and say: “In the names of Nimue, Mari and Anna”

Stretch out your right arm and visualise the right side of the lemniscate flowing out from the heart then back again, and say: “In the names of Dian y Glas, Krom and Arrdu”

Visualise the energy of the lemniscate flowing through you, along with the powers of above and below. Bring your hands to your heart and say the Star Goddess prayer.

2. Banishing

Face each of the directions and draw the pentagram, breathing and pushing through each pentagram, then tracing a circle.


3. Evocation

Face east and say:

Before me, Star Finder (Raphael)

Behind me, Water Maker, (Uriel)

On my right hand, Shining Flame (Michael)

On my left side, Black Mother (Gabriel)

Above me, Heaven Shiner (Metatron)

Below me, Fire in the Earth (Raziel)

And within me, Guardian of the Gate, Keeper of the Black Heart (Anael)

4. Repeat the opening rite. 

I'm planning on adding this to my daily practice, possibly as an opener. If anyone else uses it, let me know how you get on.

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  1. Another version which you might find interesting can be found in Valerie Walker's book The DustBunnys' Big Damn Handout Book ( There's a PDF download of this Feri book. The Banishing Rite is in in Lesson 12: The Guardians.

    ~Muninn's Kiss