Thursday, 30 April 2009

Changing Daily Practice

I change my daily practice on Beltane and Samhain in order to keep it fresh and not merely habitual. My daily practice for the next 6 months will be as follows:

  1. Star Goddess candle and Star Goddess prayer
  2. Grounding and gathering Feri fire in the belly
  3. Short form casting of Circle
  4. Acknowledging of Guardians
  5. Prayer to the seasonal Gods of the Lemniscate
  6. Prayer to the Twins
  7. Opening statement of intention
  8. Awakening of the body and souls
  9. Ha Prayer
  10. 3 soul affirmation
  11. Sitting practice
  12. Blessing pentacle
  13. Thanking Beings and closing Circle


  1. Wow that sounds like a lot, if you are allowed to tell me, how long does all of this take?

  2. Hey Seth,

    It looks like a lot but it only takes about half an hour each morning, or 20 minutes if I don't cast a circle and formally call in the Guardians. I just set my alarm half an hour earlier than usual hehe. I thought I'd be really tired, but the soul alignment especially gives me a lot of energy to sustain me throughout the day!

  3. That's cool, I was thinking you were spending like two hours every morning and it made me feel insignificant.