Saturday, 30 January 2010

5th Annual Brigid Poetry Festival

This meme has been circulating the Blogosphere for five years now - way before I even had a blog! However, I've decided I want in. Here is my offering to Brigid; although I don't work with the Goddess regularly, I know this time of year belongs to Her. Thanks to Reya and Anne Hill for this. Enjoy!

A Simple Rhyme for Brigid

The candles flicker, brightly round
Her head of lights, so gaily crowned,
To greet the year, we sing the sound,
As hand to hand we tread the ground.

As fire warms the heart and mind,
The growing year shall now unwind,
Good health and happiness we'll find,
Beneath every poem, Her name is signed.

So make the pledge, a bell to chime,
That seals the promise for all of time,
We seek connection, pure, sublime;
And honour Her, whose gift is Rhyme.

(Throw coin into the wishing well,
Whisper softly, speak the spell,
Give some milk and ring a bell.
Who knows what Fey around here dwell?)


  1. Hi, do You know any witch who is initiated in Wicca and Feri? I am not sure is it possible to be initiated in both these faith and enjoy them? I also asked Thorn Coyle on her website and I want to know what You think about it as Feri Witch?
    Blessed Be!

  2. Hi Anonymous,

    I think it is possible to be initiated into whatever traditions call to you. There are several issues that you should be aware of though:

    1) Theological differences. There are some stark theological differences between Feri and Wicca. There is an excellent essay that highlights the differences between them. I can't remember just now who wrote it but if you google it I'm sure you will find it. I guess it all depends on your focus. If you are more ecstatic, experiential and ceremonial/qabalastic you will feel more at home with Feri, whereas if you are more interested in polarity, nature and coven work, then Wicca is for you. Obviously you can marry the two, but...
    2) Depth versus width. ...I think it is better to have one clear tradition in which to focus your energies. It is only by dedicating deeply to a path can you reach your goals. I would be wary of stretching yourself too thinly.

    3) Different paths within Feri. I am actually being trained in Reclaiming-Feri. Reclaiming can be classed as a Wiccan tradition (although we use their techniques, as opposed to theology) and obviously Feri is, well, Feri!

    Does that help?


  3. Yes, thank You. I am witch who's looking for both ecstatic and polarity and first on my way I found Wicca. I know that it is right for me and I always knew it. But then I found Feri and this tradition inspired me. I try to enjoy Wicca and Feri.