Saturday, 23 January 2010

A Feri Wheel of the Year

A few months ago I decided to write my own version of the Wheel of the Year based on the mythology (as I understand it) of the Feri deities. It is my intention to write a complete Feri ritual for each of the Sabbats and post them on here if anyone wants to use them or comment on them. Below is a brief summary of how I view the Wheel. I'll post my Candlemas rite on here soon.


The Star Goddess has taken all within Herself, all the Gods have returned to Her womb, which is the Cauldron of Cerridwen, where She perfects Them and allows them to be reborn. She gives birth to two bright spirits, the Twins. The lemniscate Gods are reborn this night. Melek Taus is reborn from the Love of his Mother.


The Twins have grown into youths, Dian y Glas and Nimue. They are playful and youthful – they represent the hope of the coming year. They set forth the intention for the year to walk the path of Mystery. Nimue brings her blessings from the well, and Dian Y Glas fills our Godsoul for the coming year.

Spring Equinox:

The Twins revel in the beauty of the Mother – Dian Y Glas and Nimue dance delight, which causes the flowers and bounty of nature to flourish. The Twins begin their courtship and they merge and flow. Their genders shift during the rite, they are male and male, female and female, male and female.


The Twins have matured into full adults. Krom and Mari are sexually mature and the Twins marry. The two candle flames become one and their light brings forth life. The Twins enact the sacred marriage, the Hieros Gamos and we reaffirm our intention to marry the Gods, or renew our marriage vows. The Fey are particularly afoot this night.


At the height of their strength, the Twins begin to wane. Krom and his twin Twr, the Red Man and the Green One become lovers and make love to luxuriate in their beauty and strength. White Mari, the mother, stirs the magic well from which life can be reborn. The Gods take three drops to transform. The Holy Orgasm that created the Universe from God Herself is also remembered here, just as at Yule.


The Lord has waned, Krom has given himself as a willing sacrifice by the hand of Mari, who becomes Red Mari as she is stained with his blood. The Red Man becomes Black Krom as he is burned in effigy, transformed by fire, to renew the land. All feast to celebrate the life that is given to feed life.

Autumn equinox:

The Twins age further. They become wise ones. The Arddhu now begins his reign. He is the dread God of Death, He to whom all lost things go. He begins his journey to the Underworld, with a last celebration of life, to which we must bade farewell until Yule. Black Ana initiates the Arddhu and prepares him for the journey.


The Arddhu and Ana reign here. They know Death and the Mystery. They are wise. The Arddhu is tested by Ana in the Kingdom of Death and they teach us love and peace in the beyond. But they are also playful, and one must be wary of their tricks. They allow our Ancestors to commune with us easily on this night. They begin their journey back to the womb of the Star Goddess.

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