Tuesday, 30 March 2010

A Spell to Balance the Points

One of the main tools in the Feri treasure chest is the running of Pentacles, the two most famous being the Iron and Pearl Pentacles. Each of these Pentacles contains points of energy that are important to a healthy life and healthy magic. A Point can reach a state of imbalance in two ways - either through an excess or absence of that energy. For example, an excess of Sex could result in a string of meaningless one-night stands, whereas the absence would be an unhealthily enforced celibacy (including no masturbation!). By running the Pentacles diligently, preferably daily, it becomes easier for the Witch to realise when one or more of the Points are imbalanced. The Diagnostic Pentacles (which show the shadows of Absence or Excess) can further clarify your relationship with the Points.

While the best way to bring a Point into balance is the running of the Pentacles and self-examination (including divination and trance), I have devised a rite to solidify the commitment of bring a specific Point into right relationship with the others. This rite rests on the theory that each Point is supported by two others; the Points that form a triangle. You can use the balanced energy of the supporting Points to help you with any problematic energy. Here is a quick list of the supporting points:

Sex – Supported by Passion and Pride

Self – Supported by Pride and Power

Passion – Supported by Sex and Power

Pride – Supported by Sex and Self

Power – Supported by Self and Passion

For the rite, you will need:

  • Three candles (any colours you deem appropriate)
  • Three small pieces of paper
  • Two quartz crystals (with points)

Place the three candles in a triangle, with the imbalanced Point at the apex. If you like, you could carve the name of the Points into the candle and anoint them with saliva. On two pieces of paper, write what the two supporting points mean to you and try to connect with their energies. Place them underneath their corresponding candles.

Place the two crystals pointing from the supporting Points to the apex of the triangle and visualise a flow of energy hitting the apex. Say: “I call forth the energies of _______, supported by the Points of _______ and _______.”

Light the three candles in whatever order you feel is right and then say they following:

“From apex point of sex doth flow,
The gifts of love that we would know,

That lures us ever toward our pride,
Which shines as law and does provide

Awareness of our self’s domain;
And knowledge of all things arcane. 

A move toward power stirs within
Liberty shared with other kin.

As waves of passion fill our souls,
We grow with wisdom; life’s true goal.

By the Iron and by the Pearl,
I claim my being;
I claim my world.

So mote it be.”

Bind the spell in your usual manner and let the candles burn down.

Note, the beautiful poem above was written by Storm Faerywolf. Please check his site out, it is chock full of amazing stuff. He has also written a book that I would highly recommend.

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