Friday, 2 April 2010

Ritual Planning Using the Tree of Life

Using the Lightning Path, we bring Divine energy to manifest in our material plane (although the Divine and the Material are one and the same, this analogy can be useful). Using the Tree of Life as an analogy for our magic, I propose below a method of ritual planning that considers the messages of each Sephirah to help us clarify what we want from our magic and to understand our deepest motivations.

  1. Crown – What is your clear, clarified intention?
  2. Wisdom – How will the ritual affect all the areas of your life?
  3. Understanding – What are the limitations of the magic?
  4. Knowledge – What are the underlying, secret motivations for the ritual?
  5. Mercy – Have you done Kala before working the magic?
  6. Strength – Have you considered any martial aspects to the ritual?
  7. Beauty – How will the Sacred be manifest in the ritual?
  8. Victory – What offerings and sacrifices will you bring to the ritual?
  9. Splendour – What are the correspondences you will use for the working?
  10. Foundation – What has trance and divination told you about the ritual?
  11. Kingdom – What is the (elemental) structure/pattern/form for the ritual?

Happy Planning.

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