Monday, 29 December 2008

Daily Practice

More so than most other Pagan traditions, Feri places great emphasis on daily meditations, energy and breath work, and prayer/devotional work. There are a variety of practices that Feri practitioners are encouraged to do on a daily basis, such as the Triple Soul Alignment and sitting practice. Depending on your stage in training, daily practice can be as simple or as complicated as you make it. But the important thing is to do it! Practice changes your body and soul, as well as keeping your mind focused. Without practice, religion becomes mere philosophy. 

But it's so difficult to keep up!

I've found it really hard to get in my daily practice. I usually do it about four times a week, but given that it's a new year in a few days, my resolution is commitment to daily practice whether I like it or not! The work is not always easy, and Feri work is not simply devotional prayers and offerings - it includes facing the darker parts of the personality, which is not an easy thing to do at 6am. 

I try to change my practice every few months while keeping certain elements, so that it doesn't become mindless. I'm reading Teachings of Gurdjieff - A Pupil's Journal and a phrase has really stuck in my mind. "Self-remembering doesn't become habit", meaning that it takes continual effort. So what is going to be my daily practice for the coming months? 

1) Prayer to the Star Goddess
2) Prayers to other Gods, including Patron
3) Prayer to the Guardians
4) Triple soul Alignment
5) Sitting practice
6) Self-blessing pentacle
7) Triple soul and body divination
8) Any other divinations
9) Any other practices (Iron/Pearl pentacles, sacred dances etc)
10) Journalling

It's going to be hard and take a lot of effort, but it'll be worth it.

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