Monday, 29 December 2008

Weaving Cords


I've just finished weaving my first two sacred cords for my Feri training. 

As well as honouring Guardians of the traditional directions from the Western magical traditions, Feri recognises the Guardians of Above, Below and Centre, making seven in total, and as part of my training I have to make a cord for each Guardian, with which I can do cord magic, use for devotional work, or wear as a link to the Guardian during ritual. 

As of tonight, I now have my cords for the Guardians of North and Centre. Finally!!

The weaving process itself became a magical act, forging a link between me and the Guardians. While I was weaving the cord for the Northern Guardian, I could picture the Guardian in my mind, and I could recall the energy I felt when I was first introduced to the Guardian in November. While I was weaving the cord for the Centre Guardian, who in Feri is also recognised as the Witch Hirself, the amount of energy that was raised in my body was tremendous. I actually got quite sweaty while I was weaving.

The reason that it has taken so long to do them was that I found it quite frustrating, and the cords kept on getting tangled up. And then then solution hit me, I tied the cord to a nail high on the wall so that the cords would fall to the ground, making them easier to separate. I managed to do each cord in less than an hour for each one, which I think is quite quick really!

Now I have to actually use the cords...


  1. Two cords already? Well done!

  2. Helen here- I find that the easiest way to do the cords is to wrap each length of silk around a small piece of card and secure it with a clothes peg. I then use another clothes peg to hold the working end of the braid in between sessions of weaving it. This way, I can just wind out the cord as I need it, and it doesn't get tangled.

    Enjoying your blog, btw, thanks for the link! Have just bought Evolutionary Witchcraft after reading about it here- it looks really good :)

  3. Hey Helen!

    Thanks for the cord advice. I'm just about to get started on my Starfinder cord. Lovely yellows and golds, I can't wait!

    Evolutionary Witchcraft is a great book, I'm following some of the practices in tandem with what we're doing in class.

    Are you going next week?