Sunday, 28 December 2008


Brightest blessings!!

My name is Maythen, I've been training with Feri/Reclaiming initiates for about 9 months and I've finally succumbed to the lure of blogging! My reasons for starting a blog are manifold:

1) I need a space to record my magical and spiritual progress, and I type faster than I write ;-)
2) I would like to meet more people of varying spiritual Paths, with whom I can converse, debate, and hopefully learn
3) For those who are interested in studying Feri or Reclaiming, my blog will provide a glimpse of what this Path entails
3) I want to increase my self-discipline, and writing this blog will help with this process.

I will include more information on me as and when, but hopefully this will be on a daily basis.

Brightest blessings!


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