Sunday, 28 December 2008

What is Feri?

So, I've been training in Feri for about 9 months now and I would like to try and explain what Feri means to me.

In T. Thorn Coyle's excellent book "Evolutionary Witchcraft", she mentions that the late Feri Grandmaster Victor Anderson said that the Fey want us to become more human, more ourselves, and I think that is what Feri essentially is: a Path in which the layers of muck that we have caked over our essential selves are removed or transformed, allowing our true essences to shine brightly. Through practices such as the Kala rite, triple soul alignment and the Flower Prayer, I can connect to my more essential self, which is also the Star Goddess, from whom all things emerge and unto whom all things return. 

I have explored various traditions of both Wicca and Witchcraft, and I've noticed a sense of adding things on to oneself within those traditions, whether rightly or wrongly. And while Feri does impart a lot of knowledge and practice, when I practice I feel part of me being lost. And that's a good thing! Parts of me that no longer serve my true purpose are transformed and given new meaning. 

And I feel more "me".

For a more objective definition of Feri, please click the following: 

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