Wednesday, 31 December 2008

Spellwork and Magic and Prayer, oh my!

I was recently asked by a friend and Voudisant how Feris create change in the world externally through magic, since what he has seen of Feri so far is about inner work and the accumulation of inner power. This is understandable. In most public Feri material, the focus is on the alignment of the Triple Soul and purification through Kala, with little to know 'practical' magical guidance, such as spell-work. 

My Voudisant friend mentioned that in Vodou, there is a principle known as ashe, which is inherent in all things and through spiritual practices, one can gain more ashe. To me, this was pure Feri! In Feri, the concept of mana or energy is very similar, and through the alignment of the Triple Soul and regular spiritual practice, you naturally accumulate a store of mana. I also think that through the Feri practices, you start to live in 'right relationship' with the world, and from this natural state of grace you affect the outside world in a myriad of ways. Obviously this does not happen overnight, and living in 'right relationship' will take years of work.

However, I think it's safe to say that most Feris do engage in spell-work in some form or another. I certainly do. But I don't think that there are any authentic Feri 'flavours' of magic, given the syncretic nature of the tradition. Personally, I am most comfortable with simple folk magic and I am currently looking into Hoodoo as a source of magical practices. Victor and Cora Anderson also worked Hoodoo magic and I think that Hoodoo naturally lends itself to Feri. 

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